Sunday, February 10, 2008 - 9:27 PM

"I don't actually have a personality of my own. I'm a warehouse full of characters."

This is a telling quote, but it doesn't cover everything.

Montgomery Mullen is a freelancer with a dusty art degree, one who has wrestled with office chaos and delved into the world of book appraisal. He has been fortunate enough to have put some fragments of inspiration into print... but there are plenty more in waiting.

For the Wanderer's Guild/3am Games:
Creatures of the Savage Snow (Wanderers Guild Guide to Arctic Monsters, stat work and plot seeds)
Lurkers Among Us (Wanderers Guild Guide to Urban Monsters, primary author)

For Margaret Weis Productions:
Castlemourn Campaign Setting (Stat work, short descriptions)

For Whitesilver Publications:
Verto Syzol's Legendaria Geographica (Labyrinth of Raneeve, the Barrow of Acarak)
Card Sharp: An Introductory Adventure for the Chronicles of Ramlar
Blackarrow Run (Demo module for Chronicles of Ramlar)

One-Shot, One-on-One modules for Chronicles of Ramlar:
  • The Devouring Library

  • Taransali's Riddle

  • Those Who Were Forgotten

  • The Last Flower of Spring

  • Kingmakers
  • Labels:


    At August 24, 2009 8:28 AM, Blogger Ren said...

    Hey Monty,

    I heard from Kanane this past weekend that you had finally tied the knot. I wanted to pass along my most sincere congratulations since I never get to see you anymore.

    -Matt aka the Good Doctor


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