Friday, February 8, 2008 - 2:05 PM

Why am I here?

Creativity doesn't do anything useful unless you spread it around, and in part, that's the purpose of this website. I'm here to promote and share some of the ideas I've come up with, as well as some thoughts on the industry I'm aiming myself at.
What you will find here:

Observations and rantings and rambles, and other verbose wandering, because this is, after all, a blog. I reserve the right to ..never mind, this is my blog!

Game design information: We'll have lots of fun here, including system, conflict resolution, interactive storytelling and whatever else I trip over. I love looking at game architecture, both from a system standpoint and a psychological one... which brings us to

Game Industry: About games and gaming, and the gamers who game them. Fussed about 4th edition D&D? Want to speculate on why sourcebook glut is inevitable in today's business model? I have plenty to say on that, and more. That's the sort of thing you'll find here.

GM Library: A catch-all for various bits and pieces of my world-building projects, including some information on 'A Reign of Ashes', a semi-finalist in the Wizards of the Coast setting search competition. This will also include some information about games I am currently running.

Monster Design: Critters should be listed in the GM Library (and will be cross-referenced there), but for me, they deserve a special mention. The ubiquitous 'monster' is probably one of the finest tools for GM use, and I have a lot of thoughts... and a lot of examples... about how they can be used. I've done a lot of this, including projects like Castlemourn.

Short Fiction: Writers must write, and I am no different. Above all, I'm a storyteller, be it collaborative in games or solo. This will be a place to read an ongoing series in the now-named 'urban supernatural' genre, in a world where the supernatural is real, everybody knows it, and generally tries not to think about it too much. There will also be fragments, props, poems and the occasional utterly fictional essay.

Whoever you happen to be, my hope is that you come away from this site with something new you didn't think of before, and may it be something inspiring to you. Comments are welcome!


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